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If you or someone you know has been charged with a sexual offence, it can almost seem like you are presumed guilty simply because you have been accused. However, the law gives everyone the right to a vigorous defence.
The Ottawa law firm of Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae is comprised of a team of leading criminal defence lawyers. Having handled a diverse range of situations in which sexual allegations can arise, they can apply their experience and knowledge to defend you against the most serious consequences, including incarceration and sex offender registration.

Confidential Representation Focused On You

Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae has frequently been retained in high-profile sexual offence cases in part because the firm’s lawyers understand how important outcomes are to individual clients. The firm defends those accused of:
Many sexual offence cases receive extensive media attention, both locally and nationally. Bayne Sellar Ertel Carter offers discreet representation that works to minimize the negative publicity that can arise from these charges. You can be assured that all the details of your case we obtain will be kept strictly confidential between you and the firm.
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Defence Against Unreasonable Bail Conditions

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be released on bail. Bail conditions may restrict you from using computers or visiting public parks. They could also negatively impact your ability to live with or maintain contact with your family. Having an experienced Ottawa sexual offences lawyer to defend you can help to prevent burdensome or unfair bail conditions.

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Committed Defence Against Sexual Assault

Your rights and freedom have been our concern since 1972. Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae can be reached by calling 613-604-2188 locally or 1-877-786-4479 toll free to schedule a consultation. You can also email us. The firm maintains phone service on a 24-hour basis.
Our lawyers are proficient in both the official languages – English and French.  See Privacy Policy.
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