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Protecting Your Rights And Reputation

Those accused of sexual  assault may find that the simple accusation makes them guilty in the eyes of others. The allegation alone of sexual assault may be enough to negatively impact your reputation at work, with your loved ones and in the community.

If you or someone you know has been charged with sexual assault or any other type of sexual offence, you need experienced counsel who can defend you and protect your interests. Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae has represented clients in Ottawa and the surrounding region against sexual offences since 1972. They can defend your rights in court as well as help you protect your reputation by providing an experienced and discreet criminal defence.

Experienced Trial Defence Tailored To Your Case

Sexual assault charges can involve a wide range of  conduct, from sexual exploitation to allegations of rape. Each case is specific to the unique facts involved. It takes an experienced lawyer such as those of Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae to sort through the facts and the accusations, the physical evidence and the emotional appeals. Your lawyer will review police reports and other evidence to help you build a strategic defence to achieve the best possible outcome.

Avoiding the devastating consequences of a conviction or unfounded allegation by defending your rights and freedoms is our sole purpose. If the case against you seems strong, the firm’s lawyers will take steps to help you manage the long-term effects a possible conviction may have on your relationships, your employment and your reputation.

As seasoned trial lawyers, the firm’s partners are fully prepared to defend your rights and freedom at trial and throughout the criminal justice process.

Defending Clients In Eastern Ontario, Including Perth

Experienced Lawyers To Fight Rape Charges Or Sexual Assault

For such highly sensitive matters as sexual offences, it takes an experienced Ottawa sexual assault defence lawyer to help you protect your rights and reputation both in the immediate and long-term. Contact Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae at 613-604-2188 locally or 1-877-786-4479 toll free to schedule a confidential consultation. Lawyers of the firm are available to make jail visits as needed.
Our lawyers are proficient in both the official languages – English and French.  See Privacy Policy.
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