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Many people who are charged with criminal driving offences do not fully understand their options to protect their rights and driving privileges. Perhaps they feel overwhelmed by the possibility of losing their licenses, or they do not fully realize the consequences of conviction. In either case, if you are charged with any driving-related offence, you should seek experienced counsel as soon as possible.
The Ottawa law firm of Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae provides thorough criminal defence representation for clients throughout eastern Ontario charged with all types of driving offences. The firm’s lawyers are dedicated to achieving outcomes that protect your rights, record and freedom.

Driving Offences Can Affect More Than Your Right To Drive

Aside from the possibility of losing your license and  paying heavy fines, driving offences can have other consequences you may not expect. For example, driving convictions can significantly impact your car insurance premiums and rates. Many employers or financial lenders perform background checks on potential new hires or individuals seeking a loan. Any criminal conviction can raise red flags to such companies, even if the charge is unrelated to the company’s business.

When you engage Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae, the firm’s Ottawa driving offence lawyers will take the appropriate measures to defend you against such consequences, both criminal and otherwise. The firm has defended hundreds of clients facing all types of driving-related charges, including:

The firm also defends clients against more minor traffic infractions under the Highway Traffic Act such as speeding, careless driving, improper lane changes and other offences. While penalties under the Highway Traffic Act may not include criminal charges, they can still carry hefty fines and significantly impact your insurance premiums, so retaining experienced counsel can be a valuable asset.

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If you or someone you know has been charged with drunk driving or some other driving-related offence, contact us by calling 613-604-2188 locally or 1-877-786-4479 toll free for a consultation. You can also email us and your information will remain confidential. The firm accepts calls 24/7.
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