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Protecting Your Rights And Freedom

Most individuals know that the Crown takes drug offences seriously. Beyond criminal penalties such as heavy fines or jail time, however, even a minor drug offence can limit employment opportunities due to the presence of a criminal record. If you are charged with a drug offence, you need an equally serious criminal defence.
Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae has vigorously defended clients against drug offences and other criminal offences since 1972. Together, the firm’s lawyers have more than 150 years of combined experience in criminal law. They provide the experienced criminal defence and vigorous representation you may need to protect your rights, your freedom and your future.

Strong Defence Against Drug Offences

Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae is highly experienced in defending clients accused of all types of drug crimes, from simple drug possession to more sophisticated allegations such as involvement in a criminal drug organization or drug importing. Charges the firm frequently handle include:

The firm’s experience includes a wide variety of  controlled substances such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine, as well as so-called “recreational” drugs such as Ecstasy and OxyContin.

When you engage Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae to represent you, your lawyer will investigate all the factors involved in your case to ensure your constitutional rights were preserved by law enforcement officers and investigators. For example, evidence obtained through illegal searches or the use of invalid search warrants may be suppressed in court. The firm is fully prepared to bring constitutional challenges in those cases where Charter rights may have been violated.

The firm can also assist in the recovery of goods, cash or property taken through forfeiture at the conclusion of your case.

From Cornwall To Ottawa And Throughout Eastern Ontario

Experienced Defence Lawyers Handling Drug Possession And Trafficking Charges

Whether you were stopped on the 401 or arrested elsewhere, you want an experienced drug offences lawyer to protect your rights. You can contact us at 613-604-2188 locally or 1-877-786-4479 toll free. The firm’s lawyers can make jail visits where necessary.
Our lawyers are proficient in both the official languages – English and French.  See Privacy Policy.
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