Assault Charge in Ontario? The Help You Need

As you navigate life, understanding your rights and the consequences of your actions is essential. Among these, the implications of getting an assault charge in Ontario are particularly severe. In this blog post, we’ll explore this topic extensively, providing valuable insights into the procedures, outcomes, and possibilities that stem from such a situation. Our guide is anchored on the vast legal expertise we at Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae have acquired from years of active law practice in Ontario. 

What Happens When You Get An Assault Charge: A General Overview 

Before delving into the details, it’s crucial to understand what assault is. An assault is typically defined as intentionally applying force to another person without their consent. It can also involve an act or gesture that causes another person to believe they are in danger of harmful or offensive contact. 

When an assault charge is levelled against an individual, several steps are set in motion. The police can arrest the accused, after which they could either be held in custody or released on bail, depending on the severity of the assault and their criminal history. An appearance in court follows, where the accused will formally respond to the charge. These procedures can be intimidating, and getting a legal representative to guide you through this process is advisable. 

The Legal Implications of Getting an Assault Charge in Ontario

An assault charge can have profound implications. The first is the potential for a criminal record. Once an assault charge leads to a conviction, it will appear on your criminal record. This record can significantly impact your future, affecting employment prospects and the ability to travel, among other issues. 

The legal consequences of an assault charge can also be severe. If convicted, one can face penalties such as imprisonment for up to five years for simple assault or up to 14 years for aggravated assault. The court can also impose fines, community service, or probation. The exact penalty varies depending on several factors, including the severity of the assault, the context in which it happened, and the criminal history of the accused. 

Understanding Aggravated Assault 

An aggravated assault is a more serious form of assault that usually involves wounding, maiming, disfiguring or endangering the victim’s life. This type of assault goes beyond the typical application of force characterized by simple assault. For instance, if a weapon was used during the assault or the victim suffered severe injuries, the charge could be upgraded to aggravated assault. 

Given its severity, the consequences of an aggravated assault charge are more severe, and a conviction can lead to lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines, and long-term probation. With so much at stake, legal representation is a necessity rather than a luxury when facing such a charge. 

Importance of Legal Representation: The Role of Assault Lawyers 

The legal system is complex, and navigating it without expert guidance can lead to unfavourable outcomes. This is why having an assault lawyer is essential. Assault lawyers understand the intricacies of assault cases and can provide valuable counsel, and they can help mitigate charges or penalties and ensure your rights are upheld. 

Assault lawyers play various roles. They can negotiate a favourable bail term, help you understand the charges and possible consequences, represent you in court, and build a robust defence strategy. Essentially, they take on the legal complexities so you can focus on other aspects of your life. 

Navigating Assault Charges in Ontario with Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae 

As one of Ontario’s top law firms, Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae boasts an impressive track record of successfully handling assault charges. Our local expertise and a deep understanding of Ontario’s legal system equips us with the requisite skills to deliver favourable outcomes for our clients. 

We believe every accused person deserves a vigorous defence, regardless of their charges. Our commitment to client advocacy has seen us handle numerous assault charge cases with unmatched vigour and dedication. We guide our clients from the moment the charges are filed to the conclusion of their cases. 

Our approach to handling assault charges is comprehensive. We start by assessing the details of the case to understand its unique aspects. This allows us to develop a custom defence strategy that suits the case’s specific circumstances. We then negotiate with the Crown and, where necessary, represent our clients in court, ensuring their rights are upheld at all times. 


Being charged with an assault is a serious matter, and it has far-reaching implications that can significantly impact your life. However, with expert legal help, navigating this challenging situation is possible. Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae is dedicated to providing legal support and representation. If you or your loved one is facing an assault charge in Ontario, feel free to contact us for a consultation.


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