Summer Road Trips and Cannabis

This year marks the first summer it will be legal to smoke cannabis in Canada. The substance become legal just after the start of fall in 2018, when it had its supporters and naysayers. The government, as well as many other organizations – from healthcare professionals to CAA – posted articles on the dangers of driving high and the impact cannabis can have on your mental faculties.

While all those efforts were very important and well-received, it is the summer when car accidents tend to be the highest in volume. And if you have been caught under the influence of alcohol or cannabis, you can be charged with impaired driving.

Since the summer season tends to bring with it the highest amount of car fatalities, it’s important to review how cannabis can affect your ability to be alert and react to changes quickly while behind the wheel.

As posted on the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website, the exact conditions of cannabis differ depending on the driver. However, what is notable is that much of their research shows that the use of cannabis has led to fatal car accidents and deaths in the past. Not only did MADD look at data from across the country, but the U.S. as well.

However, according to an article posted in the Star, there does not seem to be any increase in impaired driving charges since cannabis was legalized. However, the publication notes that more data and research needs to be conducted before this can be considered a concrete result.

If you have been caught behind the wheel while under the influence of cannabis, it’s best advised you consult a criminal defence lawyer. Impaired driving is a serious offence that could impact your ability to drive in the future, as well as your freedom.


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