Police Corona Virus Orders

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act is a power granted to police officers and other officers to order you to obey their commands without question.

For example, you have lived in your mobile home park for years but the owner has a number of extra spaces and has recently rented them out to city dwellers attempting to escape the current virus. The rural residents do not want the city dwellers to infect them so they obtain an Order closing the trailer park which effectively evicts you from your home.

The Superior Court of Ontario says that there are to be no evictions during this crisis and Ontario says that if you are self isolating for one of many legitimate reasons, you cannot leave your home. What happens when you tell the police why you should stay in your home and the police order you out regardless?

A similar situation arises if you go to your cottage or country house to escape the city and the local government passes a law that states you cannot go to your second home or cottage (Quebec has done this). The police arrive and order you back to the city and out of your home that you have lived in for years. This new act provides fines of $750 to $1,000 plus a 30% victim fine surcharge if you fail to comply with an Order or obstruct anyone exercising this power.

We are answering questions by the hour by people being ordered out of their homes.

If you are facing a large fine, loss of your enjoyment of your residence and possible criminal charges and a long lasting criminal record, you will need help immediately.


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