Lie Detectors: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Clients frequently need advice on the possibility of a polygraph examination, particularly during investigations into sexual offences.

The basic rule is that polygraph examination results are not admissible in court proceedings. Nevertheless their potential use frequently arises in police investigations, particularly sexual assault investigations.

Although the polygraph is not admissible in court most major police forces have a polygraph examiner and use them in the course of some major investigations.

A person of interest may be asked by the police to submit to a polygraph examination to potentially exclude them from further police interest if they pass or more frequently as a police technique as a prelude to an interrogation or perhaps simply as a tool within an interrogation to see how the subject reacts when asked if he would perform a polygraph. There are obvious risks and on the other hand a potential benefit in submitting to a polygraph examination. No one is required to submit to a police polygraph in the course of an investigation and agreeing to do so is a very serious matter that should only be considered after extensive consultation with experienced counsel. However, in the right circumstances it can be a critical step in clearing yourself from continued police investigation or criminal charges.


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