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Forcible confinement is a charge that often  accompanies domestic assault charges. To be convicted with forcible confinement, the Crown must prove that the individual forced the victim to remain in one place using threats, coercion or physical restraint.

Under this definition, however, something as simple as blocking your partner’s way in the heat of an argument could be considered forcible confinement. The Ottawa lawyers of Bayne Sellar Ertel Macrae can help you investigate the details of such an accusation and build a strong defence accordingly.

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The firm’s lawyers have more than 150 years of  combined experience representing clients at both the trial and appellate levels. They will investigate whether the other person’s liberty really was restricted, or if such allegations have been either exaggerated or the charges unreasonable given the facts. They will examine police reports, interview witnesses, if available, and conduct a thorough investigation to defend your rights.

Being charged with forcible confinement and related domestic violence charges can have serious impact on your life, including restricted time with your children, the loss of employment opportunities and others. The firm understands these often overlooked consequences and seeks outcomes that prevent unnecessary or unintentional penalties.

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