4 ways your teen could get into trouble at home

Teenagers are spending a lot more time at home than they may typically spend. And for many kids, this time at home can contribute to feelings of boredom, loneliness and frustration. As is the case with any new experience in adolescence, some teens handle difficult situations better than others do.

For instance, some young people still manage to get into trouble without ever leaving the house when they engage in the following activities at home.

  1. Cyberbullying – Bullying is no longer relegated to school hallways; it only takes a smartphone or computer to harass or bully someone. Whether a young person publishes intimate images of others online, threatens them on social media or impersonates them when posting content, he or she could face civil and criminal consequences.
  2. “Zoom-bombing” – This offence involves an individual intruding on meetings held via videoconferencing apps like Zoom and harassing participants. Some people use hate speech or profane language; others display pornographic images. These actions are being called “video teleconferencing hijacking.”
  3. Drug and alcohol use – While alcohol and marijuana (to some extent) are legal, it is illegal for people under the age of 19 to use either. Some teens – and some adults – think it’s perfectly safe for minors to drink or use drugs in their own homes. However, if a young person drives after using drugs or alcohol, he or she could cause a devastating crash. And even if a teen isn’t driving, being out in public can lead to drug possession or public intoxication charges. Further, a young person could get seriously sick or hurt.
  4. Assault – Whether a teen lives with parents, roommates or a romantic partner, he or she can get arrested for domestic assault in the event of a physical altercation. Under these circumstances, a young person could be ordered to pay fines, spend time in jail or stay away from the victim and his or her home.

Whether teens make certain decisions because they are bored or they do not fully appreciate that what they are doing is wrong, they can get into some serious trouble when they engage in these offences.

As such, parents should be mindful of the ways that teens may act out at home and talk to them about the risk of criminal charges and consequences.


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